FAQ for Saturday Registration

  • Do I need a racing license or a team?

    No, everybody is welcome.

  • Which equipment qualifies as non-aero? If I have an aero-frame, but no TT helmet, clip-ons or TT bars or similar TT equipment, do I qualify for the non-aero category?

    The criteria for the non-aero category have been discussed extensively in this blog post, please scroll down to the last section of that post.

  • Who can participate in the training series?

    Everybody on a non-motorized human powered vehicle is welcome. Bicycles with and without aero gear whether UCI legal or not, tandems, unicycles, fixies, handcycles, recumbents, tricycles and everything else that is not listed that is a (distant) relative to the bicycle, without motor.

  • Bikereg only has categories for individuals with and without aero gear and 2M teams, I am a unicycle/handcycle/fixie/4 person team…, how can I register?
    If you don’t fall under the “standard” categories, just register for the category “none of the above” and please send us an email. We’ll note your actual category on the start list, in the results and in our records of fastest times. It is simply not practical for us to make a hella categories on bikereg, but everybody is welcome! And mostly, the reason we have different categories is that those who wish to compare their times to their peers in the same category can do so.
  • Why do you close registration on Thursday if the training race isn’t till Saturday?
    Our group of mathematicians, theoretical physicists and engineers have to compute the start times and compile the startlist according to a highly complex algorithm so that those maniacs awesome supporters who want to ride twice or have other time constraints can actually get back and forth in time for their second start or other appointment.
  • I missed the registration deadline – is there anything you can do to get me in?
    Sorry, because of the aforementioned highly complex procedure, day-of registration is absolutely impossible. But if you still want to contribute to the Beat the Clock effort, please consider volunteering.
  • Can I ride twice?

    Yes, you can ride twice, either single or in a team. We will arrange your start times such that you get a short break in between. If you have special concerns, please email us.

  • Do you have a discount for multiple riders?
    If 2 riders sign up for the individual time trial, they qualify for a team deal. One person signs up for the TTT, the second one rides free. After one of the team members has signed up, please send us an email to request this. For any teams larger than 2 riders, 2 sign up, everyone else rides on the house (again, please send us an email).

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