The registration and staging area is on Cañada Road in Woodside, 0.4 miles north of the Jefferson Ave. intersection (on the flat part of the road). Directions and parking info can be found here. Consider riding your bike to the staging area as a warmup. Please don’t warm up on the course while the event is in progress. This is a low-key event – we do not want large groups of cyclists gathering at the registration area or at the start. Please warm up on your way to the registration area.

The route starts across from the registration area. This is an out and back course for a total of approximately 10.04 miles. From the start, you ride north on Cañada Rd. for just under 5 miles, turn around before the end (at the Highway 92 intersection), then ride back the same way. This is approximately the same practice course used by Pen Velo and the pavement is marked at the start, finish, and turnaround points (although we are riding it backwards, i.e., we start and finish close to the turnaround point). The finish line is under the notable oak tree.

The turnaround is shown in the picture below. Note the location of the manhole covers, which help you determine the turnaround point on the road. Beware! There is no road closure. At the turn-around, there will be cones and course marshals to assist you, but you must yield to oncoming automobile traffic. Common sense is in order here. This is a fund-raising, training ride – not a race.

BTC Turnaround

BTC Turnaround

A Google map courtesy of Debbie Merritt can be found here.

The course consists of rolling terrain on good pavement. Total elevation gain over the entire course is about 400 ft. There are no turns, except for the turn-around. Here’s an elevation map of the full course (out and back) (image courtesy of Kieran Sherlock).

Canada Road course profile

Canada Road course profile

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