Results for final BTC, June 14

The final BTC time trial was a fast one. Lots of records were set and lots of leaderboard entries obtained. Greg Thomas set the fastest time ever obtained at a Beat the Clock TT in any category, a blistering 18:08, in his fully-wrapped, super-low HPV. Mark King beat his own record by nearly a minute in the Single Speed Aero Men, and didn’t have enough, so he proceeded to set another leaderboard-worthy time in the Single Speed Non-Aero Men category. Kim Wik and Dave Maminski set a new record in the 2MW Mixed Tandem category. The dynamic trio of Cammy DeLuca-Flaherty, MaryAnn Levenson, and Andi Smith beat their own record in the 3W TTT category. The 4-men team of Tom Coulter, Don Langley, Dave Maminski, and Dan Smith set a record in the 4M or more TTT category.

Notable leaderboard entries include Phillip Plath on his high-racer recumbent, Harlan Chapman and Partick Coulson in the 2M TTT Non-Aero category, and Barry Burr in the Utility Bike Men category. And my own evil plan paid off to enlist Ted Huang to tow me around the course to sneak back onto the leaderboard in the 2MW TTT Non_Aero Mixed category. The credit for this feat goes entirely to Ted (though hanging on to an Olympian for dear life isn’t quite as easy as it sounds), thanks!

The full results can be found here sorted by category, and here by overall.

Photo impressions and results of our raffle to follow in separate posts.

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers and participants for making this incredible 10-year run possible!!!

Beat the Clock Year-End-Summary for 2013

The last TT of the season is done and dusted, the paddles, cones, and stopwatches have been put in storage, and the raffle winners have been notified. It’s time for a year-end-summary, which also serves as a summary of the end of an era since a few changes will be in store for 2014:

  • Since 2004, Beat the Clock has raised over $270,000 for Livestrong.
  • A lot of Beat the Clockers used the TTs to train for Elite and Masters National Championships, and too many folks to mention here came home with medals. Congratulations! And good luck to those who will be competing in the upcoming events.
  • We couldn’t have pulled this off without our tireless volunteers – a HUGE THANK YOU!:
    • Brad Baker
    • Ellyn Bush
    • Alison Chaiken
    • Jim and Ann Christol
    • Trudee Gardner
    • Lisa Eileen Hern
    • Ted Huang
    • Caroline Koch
    • Dale Lachtman
    • Karl, Jill, Cam, and Ben Matzke
    • Debbie Merritt
    • Connie and Hannah Miller
    • David and Debra Paulsen
    • Kim Perez
    • Libby Rouan
    • Tessa Tapscott
    • Christine Thorburn
  • We would like to thank our sponsors for 2013:

Beat the Clock will be back in 2014, albeit with a few changes. What those changes are will be hashed out in the off-season, so stay tuned!

Photos from the July TT courtesy of Karl Matzke

March 16 Results and Boas

First, a public service announcement: If you registered through bikereg, you should have received the start list yesterday, Friday, via bikereg. We heard this morning that several people, most of them with comcast email addresses, had not received it. It was definitely sent out (I received a copy), please check your spam-filter and whitelist bikereg-emails, if applicable. If you bought a VIP season pass, either on bikereg or Voost, the email was sent out by me at around 1pm manually yesterday on Friday, so if you did not receive that email, please also check your spam-filter, and whitelist me (carola dot f dot berger at gmail dot com). Thank you! In the future we may post improperly formatted startlists here on the blog as well (table formatting in WordPress sucks).

Now, onto today’s time trial. We had an all-time record participation – thank you for your support! And thanks to all our awesome volunteers, we could not do this without you! Unfortunately, conditions seemed to not be particularly conducive to records on the bike. Overall, the times were a bit on the slow side. Which makes it even more remarkable that Mark King in the Single Speed Aero category, the Flying Dutchmen in the 2M TTT Non-Aero category (who beat one of Ted Huang’s gazillion records), and Team Viva Pink in the 4W TTT category all set new records. Kelli King on the handcycle and Phillip Plath on his HPV low-racer didn’t quite beat their own time, but still made it onto the leaderboard, as did the Twinsies. An honorable mention goes to John Novitsky who was the sole entrant in the category Non-Aero Men with Boa and Rubber Duckie.

The results can be found here by category and here by overall. The records have been updated. Furthermore, we have finally solved the technical difficulties that prevented us from porting the old results since 2005 over from the old site. They are now residing on my harddisk and will be posted as soon as humanly possible.

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Many of you may have wondered what was up with the yellow boas. Some of you may have even feared a recreation of the Isadora Duncan incident. Here’s the story behind the yellow boas by John Novitsky in support of another notable cancer organisation, the Canary Foundation:

“My wife purchased them for the “Canary Chicks”, a group of middle aged moms who together did cancer benefit rides/walks, etc. It was originally a “support group”; three of them have had cancer, one has since died from it, leaving two young children and her husband. My wife picked this stupid feather boa as a symbol, flapping in the wind, because it was the “anti John”, i.e. I’m a TT nerd and this boa is the opposite of aero; that was precisely their point. Sometimes it’s not about being the fastest on a bike; sometimes it’s about being alive – at all. Celebrate the living, remember those who came before, and work for a better future. That’s the “spirit” in these boas. Thanks for wearing them proudly, and loudly! You’ll be amazed at how warm they are (which really sucks to wear ‘em when racing); I like to think of that warmth as if I’m being embraced by my loved ones who have died from cancer.”

Misc. Announcements – Next TT in March, Woodbridge TT, Results and Sponsors Pages

A bunch of miscellaneous announcements:

The next BTC TT will take place on March 16 – registration is open here!

Woodbridge TT: If you can’t get enough of time trialing, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your skills (or frighten your opponents with your existing prowess) again the following week on March 23 at the Woodbrigde TT near Lodi.

Last, but not least, we have finally figured out how to format tables properly in sites such as the BTC site. (Technical aside: If you use plain old-fashioned formatting modifiers in HTML-tags, these will be overwritten by the WordPress template CSS, no matter what you do. Use inline-CSS-styles instead. Simple, but if you don’t know this, you begin to question your sanity at some point during the attempt to update the site… and resort to secret yodel-curse-enchantments.) The tables are necessary in order to properly update and display the results and sponsors pages, which will be ported over from the old site and updated within the coming week. Yes, the entire BTC archive since 2005 will be ported over. All our awesome sponsors will receive their overdue credit. Thanks for your patience!

Results for February 16, 2013

The results for Feb. 16, 2013 can be found here by category, and here by overall time.

Pictures, courtesy of Alison Chaiken, can be found here.

As expected, records were set in our new categories Unicycle Men by Chuck Edwall, 2M TTT Mixed Junior/Adult by the pair of Brian Gokey and Cynthia Wang, who narrowly beat out Hans and Thor Poulsen.

Skyler Colwell got an entry into the leaderboard with his ride in the Non-Aero Juniors category, as did the 3M team of ZIPZ CYCLING/ThirstyBear in the 3M TTT category and the 4M team of Mikes bikes in the 4+M TTT category.

Kelli King flatted on her way to a new record and missed a leaderboard entry in the handcycle category by mere seconds on a completely flat tire! Other notable near misses in terms of a leaderboard entry include Phillip Plath on his low-racer recumbent, Chris Phipps and Kirk Carlsen in the ITT Men, and Giel de Nijs and Tracy Colwell who gave the absent Ted Huang a run for his money in the Non-Aero Men’s category.

Can they beat the record next time? Or will you? Sign up now for March 16! Special discount: Register once, get the 2nd ride free! (The 2nd ride can be another solo run or a TTT).

Get ready for a record-breaking TT on Saturday

We will have some guaranteed records (unless there are mishaps) because some new human powered vehicle types are signed up. We will have a unicycle (!) and a father-and-son team on a trailer bike. Further, two very fast teams are looking to beat the TTT 3-M and 4-M records, and of course Kelli King will be chasing her own PR from January on her handcycle.

If you want to chase a record yourself, today is the last day to register!

Beat the Clock February 16 – Juniors race free with the purchase of a registration for an adult

The next Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer training TT is already next week! Saturday, February 16.
Registration is here: Preregistration only!

I’m hoping to get more juniors to participate, so I’m making the executive decision of offering a promotional deal for juniors (Patt will probably sentence me to death by firing squad…):

If an adult registers for BTC, they can bring a junior who rides for free (8 and above). Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, … sign up, and bring a junior with you. You can ride as a team with the kid or each ride an ITT. As an aside, we don’t have any adult-kid-mixed-TT records at all yet!

If you want to take advantage of this promotional offer, just sign up and email me with your junior’s info — we need to know who’s riding beforehand. No day of registration! For juniors, we also require a wet signature of our waiver by the parent/legal guardian for liability reasons — for everybody else, the online waiver suffices.