Raffle Winners

We’re happy to announce our raffle winners:

  • Debra Paulsen – Voler certificate
  • Dana Mason – Voler certificate
  • Debbie Merritt – Voler certificate
  • Jim Christol – Voler certificate
  • Jill Matzke – Voler certificate
  • Ray Gildea – Voler certificate
  • Lisa Hern – Voler certificate
  • Siamak Mirnezami – Voler certificate
  • Simon Wood – Barry Beams Oculus light

If you haven’t yet gotten in touch with us, please contact us to claim your prize!


March 16 Results and Boas

First, a public service announcement: If you registered through bikereg, you should have received the start list yesterday, Friday, via bikereg. We heard this morning that several people, most of them with comcast email addresses, had not received it. It was definitely sent out (I received a copy), please check your spam-filter and whitelist bikereg-emails, if applicable. If you bought a VIP season pass, either on bikereg or Voost, the email was sent out by me at around 1pm manually yesterday on Friday, so if you did not receive that email, please also check your spam-filter, and whitelist me (carola dot f dot berger at gmail dot com). Thank you! In the future we may post improperly formatted startlists here on the blog as well (table formatting in WordPress sucks).

Now, onto today’s time trial. We had an all-time record participation – thank you for your support! And thanks to all our awesome volunteers, we could not do this without you! Unfortunately, conditions seemed to not be particularly conducive to records on the bike. Overall, the times were a bit on the slow side. Which makes it even more remarkable that Mark King in the Single Speed Aero category, the Flying Dutchmen in the 2M TTT Non-Aero category (who beat one of Ted Huang’s gazillion records), and Team Viva Pink in the 4W TTT category all set new records. Kelli King on the handcycle and Phillip Plath on his HPV low-racer didn’t quite beat their own time, but still made it onto the leaderboard, as did the Twinsies. An honorable mention goes to John Novitsky who was the sole entrant in the category Non-Aero Men with Boa and Rubber Duckie.

The results can be found here by category and here by overall. The records have been updated. Furthermore, we have finally solved the technical difficulties that prevented us from porting the old results since 2005 over from the old site. They are now residing on my harddisk and will be posted as soon as humanly possible.

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Many of you may have wondered what was up with the yellow boas. Some of you may have even feared a recreation of the Isadora Duncan incident. Here’s the story behind the yellow boas by John Novitsky in support of another notable cancer organisation, the Canary Foundation:

“My wife purchased them for the “Canary Chicks”, a group of middle aged moms who together did cancer benefit rides/walks, etc. It was originally a “support group”; three of them have had cancer, one has since died from it, leaving two young children and her husband. My wife picked this stupid feather boa as a symbol, flapping in the wind, because it was the “anti John”, i.e. I’m a TT nerd and this boa is the opposite of aero; that was precisely their point. Sometimes it’s not about being the fastest on a bike; sometimes it’s about being alive – at all. Celebrate the living, remember those who came before, and work for a better future. That’s the “spirit” in these boas. Thanks for wearing them proudly, and loudly! You’ll be amazed at how warm they are (which really sucks to wear ‘em when racing); I like to think of that warmth as if I’m being embraced by my loved ones who have died from cancer.”

Featured Auction Item: Revolutions in Fitness Bicycle Fit

At the Shindig! (July 14, Alpine Inn, Portola Valley, 2pm-6pm), BTC is hosting a silent auction. Here’s another awesome item: A bike fit at Revolutions in Fitness, a $350 value. Thanks to Curtis Cramblett for the donation.

An endorsement from the BTC PR manager herself (=me): The folks at Revolutions in Fitness aren’t your run-of-the-mill fitters and PTs, they really know what they’re doing. Yes, they’ve got all the latest and greatest laser-thingo-meters, but bike fitting is an art as much as a science. And the folks at Revolutions are just plain brilliant. (Now, if you’re thinking they’re paying me for this endorsement — quire the contrary, I’ve been spending my money at Revolutions for a while now, and it’s money well spent.)

Featured Auction Item: Garmin Edge 800

At the Shindig! (July 14, Alpine Inn, Portola Valley, 2pm-6pm, LIVE music by Aardvark), BTC is hosting a silent auction. Here is another featured auction item: a brand new Garmin Edge 800 GPS computer! Donated by Clark Foy. A $400 value! Bids start at $229. All proceeds go to Livestrong.

Garmin Edge 800


  • Includes One Year Warranty
  • GPS Enabled Cycle Computer
  • 2.6″ Touchscreen Display
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Temperature Display
  • Power Meter Compatible
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Waterproof:IPX7 Standard
  • ANT™ Wireless Technology
  • MicroSD™ Card Slot

Impressions from the First Annual Redwoods to Waves Epic Hike

Photos courtesy of super pace-prius driver Lisa “Moose” Hern.

Lunch stop!

Lunch stop!

Quesadillas at the lunch stop - expertly prepared by Peter Tapscott, Ellyn Bush and Ann Christol

Quesadillas at the lunch stop – expertly prepared by Peter Tapscott, Ellyn Bush and Ann Christol

BTC hike-master Patt Baenen-Tapscott and quesadilla chef Peter Tapscott

BTC hike-master Patt Baenen-Tapscott and quesadilla chef Peter Tapscott

Boyscouts who went off to search for some lost hikers

Boyscouts who went off to search for some lost hikers – They are hereby awarded the Beat the Clock Rescue Badge

Party at the finish, Waddell Beach

Party at the finish, Waddell Beach

Thank you note from Patt – Redwoods to Waves Epic Hike

The Pilot Year – Redwood to Waves

The amount of effort put in yesterday by all of you brings tears to my eyes.

It’s all joy.

Yesterday will go down in my record book of life as one of the most memorable days I will ever experience.

Last year, about this time, we hosted our last “Day at the Track”. The BTC team of volunteers said no more. It’s not fun. Takes all day. It’s hot down there. It’s not fun. It’s tiresome for those not participating. And it’s not fun anymore. All I heard was “It’s not fun anymore.” I had to agree.

Carola and I spent countless hours trying to find something to replace it that was sustainable. Virtual events were a possibility. We even thought of a mystery event, where people really did not have routes, just following directions. We took our road bikes to the Arastradero Preserve thinking we could do a series of rides where people would ride their road bikes in places normally reserved for mountain bikes. Turns out there are not that many of them. The process continued to find something that would work and could grow.

The result of this process was “Redwood to Waves”.

Jim, Carola and Peter really helped figure it all out.

Jim, not sure how to thank you. Logistic detailed map was incredible. All your help figuring out the day really paid off. It worked. No one got lost. From what I could tell, people had a amazing time. Jim also brought the potatoes and was a hike leader. More on hike leaders later.

Carola, it would not have happened without you. The constant volunteer, Carola not only helps with BTC, she also mentors the Early Bird series. She is always helping people out. Her heart is bigger than all of Austria. While I was out hiking, Carola managed the event. It takes a genius to handle something like this, who goes where, what time will people be where, who can make it to the lunch, how many people will really be stopping after lunch, how many cars, how many vegetarians, do we have any vegans and how many band-aids? There has to be an equation for miles hiked and the number of band-iads needed.

Libby, thanks for getting up so darn early Saturday to handle registration and help with the water stop. I had promised people gear shlepping, so they could get items out at lunch and the finish. Neglected to discuss or work out with the team. Libby went free form and just handled it. Took care of registration and went to the water stop as a gear transport machine. I would have been a sad camper if I would have had to carry all that stuff. Thanks Libby for preventing one aching back. Great idea wearing your Livestrong tee shirt, really helped people know who you were.

Peter, you efforts with everything from feedback, ideas, packing and unpacking the van to managing the lunch stop are greatly appreciated. You did such a nice job though out the day. I was so proud to say you were with me.

Ann and Ellyn both have a place in the BTC Hall of Fame as the BEST lunch support ever in the world of food being served on camp stoves in the middle of a Redwood Grove. Ellyn, we are delighted to utilize your Burning Man skill set anytime. You have learned well how to feed a crowd. Ann, that cute livestrong tee shirt could not have been better. So cute, so perfect, that’s you. ::))

This team got a van load of stuff, figured it out and organized it into a gourmet Lunch Delight. The quesadilla were incredible. Wonderful! Yum. Thanks to Jim and Peter for figuring out the menu on your Memorial Ride. I knew there was a reason that is such a good event for you to do.

Lisa, thanks so much for coming to the lunch area and really helping Carola and our participants get back to the start. I guess you were one of the lucky ones that got to also go to the finish are and helped shuttle as well. Carola thought she had never driven that many miles before in her life. This may well have been the world record breaking day in driving on narrow, winding mountain roads with tons of traffic. Thanks for being such a trooper!

Thanks Mary and Alison for being our hike sweepers. Those 2 came up the trail from the beach just in case we needed help getting someone down to the beach. It was so nice to see your smiling faces coming up from the beach. One hiking on our team had really had it for a while at that point. You both made her day.

I never saw Ted and Christine. There were there and gone before the final group came down from the trail. Thanks for being a part of our BTC / Redwoods to Waves / Shuttle machine. We really needed your help and totally appreciate it. Hope the dogs loved the beach. What a perfect day to get out there.

Wil, you are the most delightful person to hang out with. You are so good, so much fun and I might add, an excellent wine opener with very primitive tools. I loved your South Africa soccer shirt, t’was the perfect touch to a crazy day – in all the right ways. Thanks for being so helpful at the finish. It really helped.

I can only imagine what all of you went through at your given posts. the organizing, logistics, shuttling, cooking, packing and unpacking that went into the day. From the perspective of the hiker, it ran like clock work.

Jim, Kim and myself – we got to enjoy the hike while you did all of the work. I can say that today, though poor Jim kept going back and forth on the trail to make sure people were on the right path. He even ended up waving down a car in the park for one hiker, that never would have made it to the lunch. Jim gets a mega enormous gold star for being the best hike leader ever. His group never got lost either!

Kim, super hiker, super athlete, super star. Thanks for being there to lead the fast group through the trail. You had such an incredible group of participants, it is thrilling that you could take them out. Folks were thrilled to have a retired pro athlete at the helm.

The weather was perfect. It really was. The tree cover offered an ideal amount of shade. The vistas were stunning, the trail close to perfect. I did kick a rock out of place near China Grade. Quickly it was put back where it belonged. ::))

The day was SUPER FUN. It was really beautiful. It was filled with a level of positive energy that you can not buy in a bottle. I comes from the heart. We have the best team of people, working together to help those living with cancer, in the world. The event was so successful because of our collective, super powerful, positive energy flow. I am telling you all, we got it going on.

I love you guys.

Carola’s note:

I’d like to add to this a HUGE thank you to Ellyn and Ann who did some extra driving to take care of all the folks who stopped at lunch.

Another HUMONGOUS thank you to the two boy scouts who ran (!!!) back up the trail in search for two stragglers. They are hereby awarded the Beat the Clock Rescue Badge!

And of course, the whole event could not have happened, had not Patt tirelessly collected food, baked nonstop for days, fixed flyers and instructions, organized cars and vans and drivers and volunteers, and packed boxes upon boxes with goodies into the Webcor sprinter van.

But, the BTC team can’t rest on our laurels, next week is the Livestrong Challenge Davis! Please consider donating – 1 cent, 5 bucks, every penny counts!

Thank you!

Behind the scenes at the BTC headquarters

Topics: Redwoods to Waves Hike, Definition of the Non-Aero Merckx Category, Livestrong Challenge Davis

If you’re thinking that in between events, the folks at the BTC headquarters are resting on their laurels and sipping Pina Coladas on the patio, you are wrong. There is a lot of work involved in putting on an event, and a lot of highly complex multi-dimensional mathematics is required to keep things running smoothly.

Redwoods to Waves Hike

A current example is working out the logistics for the upcoming Redwoods to Waves Epic Hike. Here’s a homework problem for the BTC-organizers in training:

If hiker X leaves from point A at 2.5 mph, runner Y leaves from point A at 5.5 mph, and support van driver Z leaves from point B at 35 mph, at what time will X and Y be starved to death at the finish C if driver Z gets lost and arrives at point D instead of C?

Non-aero Category – Definition

In addition, the BTC management have entered into a heated debate about the precise definition of the non-aero category AKA Merckx. Since there is no corresponding entry in the UCI rulebook, a heated discussion ensued involving proposals that would require laser rangemeters, bike jigs, and computer-spectroscopy to analyse the precise wool-content and length of the socks worn by Merckxian contenders — not to be confused with Martians, these will have their own category at the costume party event on Sept. 22nd, https://www.bikereg.com/Net/15040. The BTC CMO (Chief Mathemagics Officer) came up with the following solution, after spending several sleepless nights at the BTC supercomputer cluster:

In words, the non-aero category will hencewithforth be defined as follows:

A competitor in the non-aero category can ride a standard, mass-start approved road bike, whereby no 5cm rules for saddles or weight limits will be enforced. Furthermore MTBs, cruiser bikes, cyclocross-bikes or others are allowed as well. For clothing, the same rule applies, that is, aero TT helmets are not allowed, skinsuits and shoe covers (as long as they are color-coordinated!) as well as frog-ears and flying sausage costumes are allowed. Disk wheels are not allowed, but no limit on rim depth has officially been determined. However, the organizers reserve the right to fall over laughing and calling the riders wimps if wheels with a cross section deeper than 45mm are used.


And now we return to our regularly scheduled fundraising with a request for donations, since the big event, the Livestrong Challenge Davis, is rapidly approaching: If you donate online to BTC via the Livestrong page, it’s tax deductible! (Deadline: June 23!!!!!!)