Results page now complete

This is a quick note that the results page is now complete and contains the results for all 53 Beat the Clock events (Canada TTs, OLH hill climbs, days at Hellyer) held in the past 10 years from 2005 until 2014.

Raffle Winners

We’re happy to announce our raffle winners:

  • Debra Paulsen – Voler certificate
  • Dana Mason – Voler certificate
  • Debbie Merritt – Voler certificate
  • Jim Christol – Voler certificate
  • Jill Matzke – Voler certificate
  • Ray Gildea – Voler certificate
  • Lisa Hern – Voler certificate
  • Siamak Mirnezami – Voler certificate
  • Simon Wood – Barry Beams Oculus light

If you haven’t yet gotten in touch with us, please contact us to claim your prize!


March 16 Results and Boas

First, a public service announcement: If you registered through bikereg, you should have received the start list yesterday, Friday, via bikereg. We heard this morning that several people, most of them with comcast email addresses, had not received it. It was definitely sent out (I received a copy), please check your spam-filter and whitelist bikereg-emails, if applicable. If you bought a VIP season pass, either on bikereg or Voost, the email was sent out by me at around 1pm manually yesterday on Friday, so if you did not receive that email, please also check your spam-filter, and whitelist me (carola dot f dot berger at gmail dot com). Thank you! In the future we may post improperly formatted startlists here on the blog as well (table formatting in WordPress sucks).

Now, onto today’s time trial. We had an all-time record participation – thank you for your support! And thanks to all our awesome volunteers, we could not do this without you! Unfortunately, conditions seemed to not be particularly conducive to records on the bike. Overall, the times were a bit on the slow side. Which makes it even more remarkable that Mark King in the Single Speed Aero category, the Flying Dutchmen in the 2M TTT Non-Aero category (who beat one of Ted Huang’s gazillion records), and Team Viva Pink in the 4W TTT category all set new records. Kelli King on the handcycle and Phillip Plath on his HPV low-racer didn’t quite beat their own time, but still made it onto the leaderboard, as did the Twinsies. An honorable mention goes to John Novitsky who was the sole entrant in the category Non-Aero Men with Boa and Rubber Duckie.

The results can be found here by category and here by overall. The records have been updated. Furthermore, we have finally solved the technical difficulties that prevented us from porting the old results since 2005 over from the old site. They are now residing on my harddisk and will be posted as soon as humanly possible.

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Finish line crew with boas (from L to R): Connie Miller, Carola Berger, Libby Rouan

Many of you may have wondered what was up with the yellow boas. Some of you may have even feared a recreation of the Isadora Duncan incident. Here’s the story behind the yellow boas by John Novitsky in support of another notable cancer organisation, the Canary Foundation:

“My wife purchased them for the “Canary Chicks”, a group of middle aged moms who together did cancer benefit rides/walks, etc. It was originally a “support group”; three of them have had cancer, one has since died from it, leaving two young children and her husband. My wife picked this stupid feather boa as a symbol, flapping in the wind, because it was the “anti John”, i.e. I’m a TT nerd and this boa is the opposite of aero; that was precisely their point. Sometimes it’s not about being the fastest on a bike; sometimes it’s about being alive – at all. Celebrate the living, remember those who came before, and work for a better future. That’s the “spirit” in these boas. Thanks for wearing them proudly, and loudly! You’ll be amazed at how warm they are (which really sucks to wear ‘em when racing); I like to think of that warmth as if I’m being embraced by my loved ones who have died from cancer.”

Featured Auction Item: Revolutions in Fitness Bicycle Fit

At the Shindig! (July 14, Alpine Inn, Portola Valley, 2pm-6pm), BTC is hosting a silent auction. Here’s another awesome item: A bike fit at Revolutions in Fitness, a $350 value. Thanks to Curtis Cramblett for the donation.

An endorsement from the BTC PR manager herself (=me): The folks at Revolutions in Fitness aren’t your run-of-the-mill fitters and PTs, they really know what they’re doing. Yes, they’ve got all the latest and greatest laser-thingo-meters, but bike fitting is an art as much as a science. And the folks at Revolutions are just plain brilliant. (Now, if you’re thinking they’re paying me for this endorsement — quire the contrary, I’ve been spending my money at Revolutions for a while now, and it’s money well spent.)

Featured Auction Item: Garmin Edge 800

At the Shindig! (July 14, Alpine Inn, Portola Valley, 2pm-6pm, LIVE music by Aardvark), BTC is hosting a silent auction. Here is another featured auction item: a brand new Garmin Edge 800 GPS computer! Donated by Clark Foy. A $400 value! Bids start at $229. All proceeds go to Livestrong.

Garmin Edge 800


  • Includes One Year Warranty
  • GPS Enabled Cycle Computer
  • 2.6″ Touchscreen Display
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • Temperature Display
  • Power Meter Compatible
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Waterproof:IPX7 Standard
  • ANT™ Wireless Technology
  • MicroSD™ Card Slot