Beat the Clock invites you to your own Tour of the Bay Area

With the Tour of CA and the Giro going on, Beat the Clock and Help Beat Cancer figured, we’d put on our own multi-stage Tour of the Bay Area. OK, it’s not a real stage race and not on subsequent days, but we can guarantee you nearly endless fun for a good cause. All proceeds go to Livestrong.

Stage 1: BTC Canada Time Trial – THIS SATURDAY, May 26

As always, everybody is welcome – TT bikes, fixies, non-aero Merckxs, World Bicycle Relief bikes, Olympians, World Champions, recumbents of all styles, tandems, unicycles, flying sausages, and anything non-motorized with at least one wheel – dead or alive!

Of course, we prefer our participants and volunteers alive, but I suppose if worse comes to worst, we could prop up a few mummies with a flag at the Edgewood intersection. So come on out! If your shifter breaks, no matter, borrow Grandauntie Petunia’s washing machine! We don’t enforce UCI 3:1 rules or measure your sock length. We don’t even care if you eat too much beef. Though out of respect for the organizers of whom at least one is vegetarian, we ask that you bring the meat in already processed form.

Pre-registration only – closing THURSDAY (no exceptions!)

Stage 2: Redwoods to Waves, an epic hike – 25.6 or 15 miles – June 16

We’ll provide fun, lunch and transportation back to the start since this is a one-way hike from Saratoga Gap down to Waddell Beach. This is a hike, not a race, we won’t time you. However, I will personally give away a pair of our fabulous Beat the Clock socks to the person who makes it all the way to the beach with the least amount of blisters. Should you get blisters – do not despair, we’ll provide medical aid and you can always purchase a pair or two of Beat the Clock socks yourself.

Pre-registration ONLY (we need to figure out the transportation logistics) – only about a dozen spots left: or—an-epic-hike-presented-by-beat-the-clock-and-help-beat-cancer-2012

Stage 3: Shindig! Party! Auction! – July 14

Party till you drop and get bicycle and other items for a ridiculously low price. Further details TBA.


About Carola F. Berger

CFB Scientific Translations and Consulting Professional, ATA-certified (EN>DE) translator of patents, technical and scientific texts with a PhD in physics and a Master's degree (Dipl-Ing) in engineering physics.

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