Featured Auction Item — Interactive R2D2 Droid

Introducing today’s featured item up for auction at the May 28 Shindig: Star Wars interactive R2D2 Droid Robot

This voice-activated R2D2 Droid Robot reacts to more than 40 voice commands, moves on its own and features a game mode with music and dance.

Dimensions/weight: 13.2 x 13.2 x 17.8 inches; 25 pounds

Watch a video here

This item was generously donated by John Dodelson of Skywalker Ranch. Thank you, John.

Many more items are up for auction, a list can be found here. The list is being updated continuously, so please check back often.

Tickets for the shindig can be purchased from the Beat the Clock team, at the Bicycle Outfitter, or online here.


About Carola F. Berger

CFB Scientific Translations and Consulting Professional, ATA-certified (EN>DE) translator of patents, technical and scientific texts with a PhD in physics and a Master's degree (Dipl-Ing) in engineering physics.

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