Training race report 5/29/2010 by Jim Turner

An inspirational report from one of the many Beat the Clock supporters who came out on 5/29/2010 – thanks Jim!

Race: Beat the Clock Time Trial – Canada Road
Date: 5/30/2010
Group: Individual men
Result: Faster than last year
Teammates: Many AV riders

Normally I wouldn’t write a race report for Beat the Clock but it seemed worthwhile just to illustrate the point of how easily bad races and good races can affect your mood. I had a good series of early season races in Arizona and San Diego but things haven’t gone as well since then. Four weeks ago I was dropped on lap 6 of the Master’s district criterium championship at Pleasanton and finished dead last. The Sierra Road KOM timed ride was a great event but I rode a really slow time. Last week at the Calaveras time trial I rode a ridiculously slow time and discovered after I finished that my rear brake had been dragging for most of the race. I had checked for free wheel spin just before the race started.

Last Tuesday I was doing threshold intervals on Canada road on my time trial bike. The first interval had gone OK but about twelve minutes into the second interval I was becoming fatigued, lost focus and simply ran off the road into some coarse loose gravel near Edgewood Road. I fell hard to my left side and got abrasions on my left forearm and left hip. A passing motorist saw me crash, stopped to help me, took me and my bike to his home, got his wife to patch up my arm and called my wife to come get me. No serious injuries and I was back on my bike the next day but just another frustrating experience.

With that run of negative results I was apprehensive about doing a poor ride at Beat the Clock. Still, I followed my usual routine before a time trial, had my equipment prepared, did a good warmup under coach Dan’s canopy and tried to go into it with as positive frame of mind as possible. I was careful not to go too hard at the start, kept up a steady effort (harder on the climbs, easier on the downhills), maintained focus and finished strong. My time was 33 seconds faster than my BTC time from last year’s May event. What a turnaround in mood that provided! Now my motivation is back to put in two more weeks of solid altitude training before the June 13 Sattley time trial championship.

Jim Turner


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One thought on “Training race report 5/29/2010 by Jim Turner

  1. The May 30th was my first bicycle race/event of any kind (at age 51) , so my only goal was to be faster than the “flying sausage” team last year. I may have been last in my merckx class, but finished at 33.14, faster than the sausages! Now looking forward to the next TT and beating my 33.14 time.

    Thank you for the experience and fun event! See you again July 31st!

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